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What are you looking for when choosing a hairpiece
– a good comfortable fit ….  
– a good color choice to compliment your skin tone and personality…..
– a style that emphasizes your best features…..

Your professional teaching you how to put your piece on properly and giving you detailed instructions on maintaining your piece.

Why hairpieces do not look natural? do not fit properly…

color is not appropriate for your skin tone….
style is not appropriate for your features….
your professional is not giving you the proper information that suggests…..
when choosing a partial piece that needs to be blended with your natural hair, the blend is not proper.

Questions often asked:

Will my hairpiece blow-off?

No this is a myth and this is why the fit is very important.

What is the difference between human and synthetic hairpieces?

Human hair can be colored and manipulated with direct heat which a true synthetic hairpiece can not be colored or touched with direct heat.

Why would I choose a human piece?

You want the choice of changing the style or color or both.

Why would I choose a true synthetic hairpiece?

You would want the ease of washing and wearing without any styling required and the cost is usually lesser if the cost is a factor.

As a professional, Kim likes to give you one on one personal time and there is a lot of information that is in your best interest to know before making your decision about a hairpiece.

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