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Questions often asked:

How often do I shampoo my hairpiece?

When the cap of the hairpiece has an oily smell to the hairpiece, I feel it is best to shampoo as less as u can get away with and the piece still looking good.

How long does my piece last?

That varies depending on how often you wear your piece and how much you sweat through the top of your head. The caring of the piece at home will vary in the time your piece lasts as well.

Can I match my style and color?

Yes you can, but sometimes when a client sees how another color and style looks on them, they don’t always choose the same.

What happens if I get caught in the rain?

Human pieces react like your own hair and true synthetic pieces dry and bounce back into shape.W

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, as a professional, I like to give u one on one personal time and there is a lot of information that is in your best interest to know before making your decision about a hair piece. 

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