HeadFirst Hair Salon & Wigs - Hanover Ontario

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HeadFirst Hair Salon & Wigs

Hanover's contemporary hair and beauty salon

Hair Salon

Full hair services for men and ladies

Wigs & Extensions

over 70 modern styles of wigs, hair-pieces and add-ons.

Gift Certificates

A perfect gift for someone special

Fashion & Style

with quality brand wigs & hair extensions

wonderfully rich variety of styles and colors

Enjoy the most respected and recognized names in the wig, and hair piece industry, including Revlon, Raquel Welch, Gabor, Noriko and New Image Hair. Excellent for casual and formal wear, and a tremendous encouragement when dealing with hair loss.

  • Top Hair Pieces to add volume to your hair
  • Beautifully styled and unlike fashionable looks
  • New ultra-lightweight & comfortable
  • Great styling flexibility and versatility
  • Over 70 modern styles of Wigs & Hair Pieces